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Frequently Asked Questions

We have attempted to answer most of you questions here, but you may well have additional questions about us or the service we offer. If you have, please call us and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

  Using the Check and Vetted Service  

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Q: Do I have to pay for your service?


Checked and Vetted is a totally free service to the general public. if you wish to call our Tradefinder Hotline, it's just the cost of a local call.0191 65 111 65

  About Check and Vetted Members  

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Q: What happens if the Job Report is a complaint?


With our vigorous vetting and Job report procedures we have done everything we can to ensure that we have the best trades in the Checked and Vetted membership.  As a result, complaints are very, very rare. Our trades have stepped forward and said they are willing to be accountable for their work and want to publish their qualifications; insurance status and historical job reports and they are putting their reputations on the line.

We have a great responsibility to both the householder and the tradesman - and we take this very seriously. 

Any serious allegations about a Checked and Vetted member, such as damage to property , overcharging, changing the terms of a quote, are independently investigated by us.  We need to make sure they are not false and that the tradesman has been given an opportunity to resolve things to the satisfaction of the householder.

During the investigation phase the Job Report written by the householder is kept on hold. Once the situation is clear, one of three things will happen.

If the Tradesman resolves the issue, the householder may write a new report for publishing
If the issue remains but is not serious (i.e. untidy, not punctual etc.), then the report is published
If in the very unlikely event that the issue is serious then the tradesman will be suspended from Checked and Vetted and we will advise the householder in accordance with Trading Standards
 If the Tradesman breaks the code of conduct persistently then Checked and Vetted will also cease their membership.

We have to uphold the legal rights of our members and go to great lengths to make sure the complaint was not malicious, unfounded or a competitor trying to undermine their reputation.

A complaint which has been fully resolved is not published, as that would be unfair to our members... who work very hard to be the best.

If a member of the public wants a complaint published on the website but does not want to try and resolve things with the member, then that Job Report will not be published.  The Tradesman should have a right to rectify the situation.

Serious complaints that are found to be true will lead to immediate suspension of that member.  Hence you won't see the negative feedback but nor will you find that person on our list!

We do publish less serious gripes but anything that could lead to litigation, with supporting evidence will mean the member is temporarily suspended once legal processes are reported.  

If a member  gets more than a drop of 25% on his ratings, we will in most cases decide not to renew that membership.  All members have a right to appeal.  Please phone us if you wish to know how exactly we decide this point.

It is important to realise that our members have rights as well as our customers (the householders).  We want to be as fair as possible to everyone.

Serious complaints will be advised neutrally in accordance with what the law and in accordance with Trading Standards guidelines.


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Q: How do you vet prospective members?


Checked and Vetted pride ourselves in our vigorous Checking and Vetting procedures. We want to ensure that you only see genuine tradesmen on our site and that you can rely on the information you see. 

Frpm April 2017 Checked and Vetted started to pass it's enitire database through Trading Standards screening 
Then we document their identity & proofs – for YOU the consumer:-

We verify their identity and take copies of their passport or driving license.
We check and track their Public Liability Insurance.
We verify they are eligible to work in the UK.

Once a tradesman or woman is active on our site, we attempt to verify all our feedback by telephone.   This ensures that to our knowledge the job reports on the site are real.