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Current Advertising

Current activity

TV advertising
We have started our new autumn campaign to reach 2.3 million people throughout the North East region, to make us a household name by xams.
The schedule is shown below, together with the transmission times.

The 30sec advert, which features some of our staff can be seen here 

Vetted Tradesman Guides
We are currently running the door to door distribution of our Vetted Tradesman Guides. Delivered in drops of up to 72,000 per area, they are already driving work to the Checked and Vetted tradesmen in the region. The guides feature a selection of members local to each guide and are produced three times a year and we are already well on the way to providing every home in the region with a copy.

Click here to see the results that our member tradesmen are seeing from our sevice

Happening soon
Once the Vetted Tradesmen guides rollout is well underway, we are resuming our radio advertising to back up the guide distribution. This time we are going out to a different audience - on Smooth and Real Radio.

Previous Activity
4 month Radio web site and service awareness campaign on radio Metro and Magic1152 reaching 930,000 members of the public - 62% of the NE population.
Hear the ads: -
Rogue Trader - Checked and Vetted - Rogue Trader.mp3
Genuine Tradesman - Checked and Vetted - Genuine Tradesman.mp3

Previous to this we ran a 5 week awareness campaign on Sun FM sponsoring the weather

Previous Campaign Transmission Times:-

Not Available