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Bogus caller reminder for Sunderland Folk

27 Apr
Bogus caller reminder for Sunderland Folk

(From Northumbria Police Website)

Police are reminding residents to be on their guard against bogus callers after an incident in Sunderland.

At 2.05pm on Wednesday, April 25, three men wearing high visibility jackets claiming to be from the council, cold called at an address at Baltimore Avenue saying that they had come to remove the boiler and pipework from the address.

The men were in a white flat bed van with a cage on the back which contained old washing machines and scrap.

They told the homeowner, a man aged in his 50s, that the items removed from his house would be replaced by a new system. When the resident asked for identification, the men left the address empty handed.

Police are reminding residents to be vigilant to cold callers.

Neighbourhood Inspector Tony Carty, said: "The residents did exactly the right thing by asking for identification and when the two men couldn't produce any they left.

"The area is currently under renovation by 'Gentoo' and that is possibly the reason it was targeted. Gentoo have confirmed all their staff carry identification with them at all times.

"Companies wouldn't just arrive at an address saying they were going to remove the pipework and boiler, this would be pre-planned scheduled work.

"As such this was a suspicious incident and I'd like to remind homeowners how important it is to never agree to work being done, let people in the house, or hand over cash to people who cold call. People should report any suspicious activity in their neighbourhood to police."

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