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Happy consumer praises Checked and Vetted

13 Sep
Happy consumer praises Checked and Vetted

A very happy consumer in East Rainton, was so impressed with our service that she wrote an article about us for the East Rainten Newsletter





As a pensioner with a house to look after, when something goes wrong I tend to panic. Who can I ring for help? Are they trustworthy? Are they professional ? Will they do a good job?


Well – I have been given the telephone number of an outstanding organisation who supply information on electricians, plumbers, builders, roofers etc., who, in turn, have been recommended by people they have worked for and who have been satisfied with the standard and price of the work. Everyone they recommend is properly insured whether they are roofers or simply mow the lawn. They are a local company which started up last October by two women.


In my own case, if  I needed an urgent job doing in my home,  I would go through the process of looking up numbers in Yellow Pages and leaving messages on  an answerphone or an incomprehensible mobile phone number and in many cases, no-one ever came back to me.  Worse, they do come back, they arrange a date to call,  you stay in all day and they don’t arrive. Sound familiar? Not this time.


 I contacted the number and explained my  problem.  About two hours later I received a call from a builder asking if he could call on me the next day.  Yes, you read it correctly – I didn’t call them they called me!!! He was on his way to another job but would make the time to call on me and give me an assessment. This he did, diagnosed the problem and gave me a provisional price of what it would cost. Both he and his colleague were polite, pleasant and even put blue plastic bags over their shoes so they wouldn’t bring dirt onto the carpet!


They gave me  a questionnaire which, when the work was finished, I could fill in stating how pleased  I was with the work they had done, the price they charged and the general manner in which they conducted themselves. I was also invited to say whether I was  NOT pleased with any aspect of their visit/standard of work/price etc.


Why do they do this?  It is to stop cowboys from entering your home and attempting work for which they are not qualified and end up making a bad job worse and probably charging you over the top for a job badly done..  Ring any bells?  It does with me as over the years, I have been ripped  off so many times. It is also a comfort when inviting strangers into your home.


I don’t blame you if you are sceptical about whether this is too good to be true so don’t take my word for it, ring 0191 6511165 or go to and test them out for yourself.


One last piece of information is that the owners of the Company are closely involved in charity work for Grace House and regularly raise funds for them in various ways which in my book puts them among the good guys! 


Mrs C

(I have her permission to publish her original article in full)

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