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Pest killer Tommy Lincoln rescues family in Despair

11 Apr
Pest killer Tommy Lincoln rescues family in Despair
Pest killer Tommy Lincoln rescues family in Despair

Here at Checked and Vetted we are always lookiing to remind the public that for all the cowboys in the North East there are also some fantastic Tradesmen who really are the salt of the earth.

Pest control expert Tommy Lincoln last June come to the rescue of a family plagued by rats.

The Chronicle told how Kelly Brown and her three young children were in the middle of a real nightmare when there home was infested with a plague of rats..

Council pest controllers had failed to get rid of the rats, and Your Homes Newcastle refused to rehome  the family whilst the vermin were dealt with..

But Cramlington-based Tommy was a real hero and came to Kelly's rescue!.

After reading about Kelly’s plight in the Chronicle, he offered to rid her home of rats, permenently, and without asking for payment.

“I was saddened by the plight this family were living in, especially with three young children,” said Tommy, of TL Pest Control.

“Rat infestations were common in 1940, but no family should have to go through this in 2011.


“Living with rats like that is unbearable. You just shouldn’t have rats running around where there are bairns. They can pick up all kinds of nasty diseases, even killer diseases.

“As I am a father-of-three and a grandad to a one-year-old, I cannot even begin to imagine what Kelly must go through, she must be sickened with worry.

“So I decided to offer my services to her, free of charge, and get this rat infestation sorted once and for all.”

And so he did!  Well done Tommy, we wish you every success and applaud your kindness and generosity.
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