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All of the comments below are unprompted and come to us in letters and emails from our members. We link back to the company's details so you can check for yourself that their comments are genuine.

Kevin Fox Joinery & Home Improvements


 Checked and Vetted is a  fantastic service. I am getting 80% of my work now from Checked and Vetted.

Green Gardens


I found the service great and  it is keeping me too busy. I'm over the moon with it. 10 jobs a week come in from Checked and Vetted.

Russell Foster Plastering Services


 Checked and Vetted has really helped my business and I would definetly recommend and will not use anything else.

Pro Finish Plumbing


I would definitely recommend Checked and Vetted to fellow tradesmen. Business has definitely increased and I have reached the point of needing to take on another member of staff  to help me with the work load.


The Loft Storage Specialists


 I am very happy with Checked and Vetted and have won lots of work. I would highly recommend it.

Energy windows


I am more than happy with Checked and Vetted and they have generated me plenty of work. Very friendly service. 

Smiths Bros & Dixon


 We have found Checked and Vetted very effective in both sending out a clear message to potential customers about our work quality, and providing a high level of interest from new customers

BlueFlame Plumbing And Heating via Twitter


 Received our first job within a day of the local leaflets going out. Worthwhile.

Tony from Homesmith


The service we receive from Checked and Vetted is amazing; they have friendly, helpful staff and are always willing to think of new ways to promote our business.  We get quite a few leads from them and would recommend them 100 percent.

Checked and Vetted - The Best Business decision I ever made


J&J Blockpaving Jamie Cornfoot


“I can honestly say that Checked and Vetted is one of the best business decisions I ever made. All my work this year has come from their website and directories. I normally assume that I am going to be quiet in the autumn and winter but thanks to Checked and vetted have bookings for the next couple of months” 

Sunderland Electrician re-FUSES other schemes for Checked and Vetted


 I have just started my second year with Checked and Vetted and can honestly say that i now no longer need to advertise elsewhere as the quality and quantity of leads that come from checked and vetted are brilliant. also the staff are friendly, polite and always try their best to help you out, and do the same for the customers too. the report card scheme really works too, once you have a few positive reports from customers the number of calls increases as it gives customers that extra confidence.

this has been the only genuine, honest scheme i have tried, and it does work, this is the only scheme i have renewed because it has worked and my customer base is constantly expanding because of the hard work put in by the staff at checked and vetted, all i have to do is answer the phone, price for the work, do a good job and keep the customer happy, i no longer have to worry about advertising in the papers, internet and flyers  -  Checked & Vetted do that for me.

Andy Coulson

Coulsons electrics

Al Bailey Landscapes- raking in new clients


Email sent to our office manager today

Hi Joanne

I had another satisfied customer yesterday and he's in his 70's the praise i got for the job was reward enough, but he went on to say how your services is the best by far, as he tried the others out there and didn't feel comfortable with them. hence he went with Checked and Vetted and Al Bailey Landscape Services.

He's already put a review online for me.



This wonderful email regarding Brian Haddow of BH Plumbing was just great!


Just spoke to Brian from B H Plumbing services he said he would like to know who to write a cheque out to in reference to the charity fundraising in the Checked and Vetted newsletter. He has just got his first job from Checked and Vetted so he would like to donate money to your charity as a good will gesture.

Santana Bruce 

Ask the Butler Home Improvements couldn't ask for more!


 Your service is fantastic, in the last two weeks I won 12 new clients, one was from and eleven were from Checked and Vetted, I couldn't ask for more.

Malcolm Butler - Ask the Butler Home Improvements

Ignite Property Services: Customer for life


 Martin Ware Ignite Property Services


' I'm delighted with the response I am getting from checked and vetted. I am receiving 2-3 phone calls a day from either the website or from the leaflet drops, all jobs are successfully booked in and work completed straight away.

All customers are genuine customers and already know a lot about my company from the reviews and the information on the website.

Great value for money and the customer service from the staff is excellent.

Customer for life!!!! '

Durham City Roofing delighted with response from Checked & Vetted


 I am cancelling all my directory advertising and placing my advetising budget with Checked and Vetted for the foreseeable future. I don't have the time for computers and the girls at Checked and Vetted help me with all that. I have had more leads from Checked and Vetted in three months than I have had from Yellow Pages in a year. 

A special kind of Locksmith - A1 Abracadabra Locksmiths


Please can you take a look at the following information and let me know if I would be able to post a review for Abracadabra
A1 Locksmiths?  Your reference number for this company is 148431.
Between 7th and 18th January this year I underwent an initial locksmith course at a training venue in Wales.  Last week - the 
third week of the course - was designated as a Field Training week.  I was extremely fortunate to be allocated to Abracadabra 
A1 Locksmiths for this week and I can provide a very positive review.  I know I am not a customer.  However, I think that by
allowing me to post my review would highlight the fact that Abracadabra A1 not only provide consumers with an excellent 
service but that the company is also a trusted and high calibre provider of training to new locksmiths. 
Please let me know what you think.
Jonathan Fawcett

More fabulous member testimonails


Founder Millie has been on the phone this week and thought she would share some member feedback

Testimonials 2


Recently I have spoken to a few members who have had a positive result from our system


John Cooper of JC Building & Maintenance has had two very jobs from the Gosforth & Jesmond Guide 1 and said he was suitably impressed with our excellent business model

MRJ Plastering went in the Gosforth Guide 1 and his son described us as a "Free cash Machine" he has had so many calls


New member, Brian Carroll of BC Plastering has won two leads from the website (he is not in a leaflet yet) and said he was very impressed with the quality of the leads - no time wasters just solid leads from nice people prepared to pay for quality. 


Wallseal Preservation said "I thought it would not work and you have proved me wrong, as I have had several leads from the website"


David Brown from Sure Building has easily had in excess of £20,000 worth of work from our Sunderland Campaign


NEBPS Ltd are so impressed with the quality of the leads he is advertising in ALL our guides


ICE Contracts are electricians and he is "very impressed" with the amount of work we have generated for him in Newcastle upon Tyne


Jason Gardner Abracadabra A1 Locksmith, He said "I understand you are a new business like me, and I have had more than enough work to cover my investment to you and will be renewing as I know the system works and I like the feedback system as it proves how reliable I am"


David of A-Spec Plumbing & Heating: Members for three months have had 9 leads and are delighted with their membership so much so David said anyone is welcome to phone him to get his perspective. 07792 765088


KB Tyres has won 50 new customers since he advertised in the Sunderland North leaflet and has already booked into the guides for 2013! 


Smith Bros and Dixon, the plumbers said they were very pleased with the response to the website and are looking forward to going into a leaflet


This review for New Look Paving says it all


Old concrete drive removed and replaced with block paving.
Found New Look Block Paving on Checked & Vetted called Shaun made an appointment to come and provide estimate to replace driveway which had been down for over 20 years. Shaun agreed a date a few weeks later he and his team arrived day and time as promised, the job was 1st class as were Shaun and his staff very professional the old drive was concrete and very deep came home the 1st night to find it had all been dug out all stacked ready to all be removed the next morning. I arrive home on the 2nd night to be delighted by an absolutely beautiful driveway the whole house has been transformed. I would certainly recommend Shaun and would not hesitate to use him and his team again!!! .


He has had at least five paving jobs from us


Here is a review for a customer who used us to find a vetted tiler, they chose the talented


Mick Rose of All about Tiles


Tile full bathroom.
My plasterer recommended Mick Rose after another non vetted tiler had started tiling my mother’s bathroom and then made a complete mess of it. When I spoke to Mick he made prompt arrangements to come and look at the job, at a time that was convenient to us. He was very professional gave us options about how the work could be rectified and most importantly listened to what we wanted. It was great to see pictures of his work and get a written price for the job. Mick made suggestions on where we could buy the tiles and even picked them up for us! He started work as arranged and completed the job on time. We could not have been more pleased with the result. To quote my mother "you can tell a professional tiler has completed the job". Thanks again for your care and attention.


In one year David Roxby of H & R Block Paving has won 25 to 30 leads and converted about 10 into actual jobs which is work  in the region of £30,000 - he is a Sunderland advertiser but finds the website useful too "He said you have helped win me work in a recession which is not an easy thing to do, I will be happy to help Checked and Vetted and will be renewing" 


We have many more satisfied members, Ron Metcalf Roofing, SW Joinery, DM Locksmiths, DF Plumbing, Tiling & Electric, Green Gardens, Edenvale Paving, GD Edwards, George Smith the Painter, SBS, Hewitson Roofing, Monument roofing the list goes on.....




Recent Article published about Checked and Vetted's highly recommended members


A very happy consumer in East Rainton, was so impressed with our service that she wrote an article about us for the East Rainten Newsletter




As a pensioner with a house to look after, when something goes wrong I tend to panic. Who can I ring for help? Are they trustworthy? Are they professional ? Will they do a good job?


Well – I have been given the telephone number of an outstanding organisation who supply information on electricians, plumbers, builders, roofers etc., who, in turn, have been recommended by people they have worked for and who have been satisfied with the standard and price of the work. Everyone they recommend is properly insured whether they are roofers or simply mow the lawn. They are a local company which started up last October by two women.


In my own case, if  I needed an urgent job doing in my home,  I would go through the process of looking up numbers in Yellow Pages and leaving messages on  an answerphone or an incomprehensible mobile phone number and in many cases, no-one ever came back to me.  Worse, they do come back, they arrange a date to call,  you stay in all day and they don’t arrive. Sound familiar? Not this time.


 I contacted the number and explained my  problem.  About two hours later I received a call from a builder asking if he could call on me the next day.  Yes, you read it correctly – I didn’t call them they called me!!! He was on his way to another job but would make the time to call on me and give me an assessment. This he did, diagnosed the problem and gave me a provisional price of what it would cost. Both he and his colleague were polite, pleasant and even put blue plastic bags over their shoes so they wouldn’t bring dirt onto the carpet!


They gave me  a questionnaire which, when the work was finished, I could fill in stating how pleased  I was with the work they had done, the price they charged and the general manner in which they conducted themselves. I was also invited to say whether I was  NOT pleased with any aspect of their visit/standard of work/price etc.


Why do they do this?  It is to stop cowboys from entering your home and attempting work for which they are not qualified and end up making a bad job worse and probably charging you over the top for a job badly done..  Ring any bells?  It does with me as over the years, I have been ripped  off so many times. It is also a comfort when inviting strangers into your home.


I don’t blame you if you are sceptical about whether this is too good to be true so don’t take my word for it, ring 0191 6511165 or go to and test them out for yourself.


One last piece of information is that the owners of the Company are closely involved in charity work for Grace House and regularly raise funds for them in various ways which in my book puts them among the good guys! 



DF PLumbing - lots of leads and happy clients!



I joined checked and Vetted on January the 16th, and have been surprised at the amount of work that the service has generated.  I have had numerous jobs in my area Gateshead, including a new boiler installation and kitchen refit.  Funnily enough I attended a job the other day and another Checked and Vetted member was there – SW Joinery, Steve was fitting a loft hatch.  He is as chuffed as me with the results.


I like the fact that homeowners know that I am properly vetted and the leaflets really do work. Actually pretty much all my work comes from the leaflet drop. I will definitely be in the next one.


The Team at Checked and Vetted work hard to look after their members and I know they have really good intentions. If you want to help protect local people from being ripped off then you should use Checked and Vetted.  


Many thanks

 David Forster

Top Tiler Mick Rose of Washington, uses his reputation to win business


Washington based Tiler, Mick Rose is the owner of All about tiles and also a qualified tiling tutor.

Mick was looking for a business tool whereby he could use his customer feedback as a promotional tool to win more business and as a great way to generate new leads.

He took the plunge and has been delighted with the response.  He believes Checked and Vetted benefits not just his Tiling business but also protects his valued clients as well!

Mick knows that not everyone uses the internet to search for checked out and vetted businesses which is why he swears by their huge leaflet drops.


Thank you Checked and Vetted for total peace of mind!


After encountering a leak in my roof I used the website to find a reliable and professional Roofing Contractor/Services. The website provides a "how to" aide to help you find what you are looking for which is really useful for those people who are not familiar with navigation/search facilities on a website. Although I did not use this as I found the website really easy to navigate and the search facility was very quick in responding to my search. Its simple just put in the services you are looking for and your postcode and hey presto a selection of services appear.
There was a good number of roofing services for me to choose from and I particularly liked the way in which the descriptions were set out with a company statement detailing the services on offer and testimonials from organisations which these companies had undertaken work for. This gave me confidence that these companies are actually vetted before they are allowed to advertise.  In addition there were reviews from customers with a scoring rating - this I found particularly useful to aide in my search for the best supplier for my needs.
In the end I opted for a small local supplier who I was most impressed with. Finding previous reviews to be a "spot on" reflection of my experience of this supplier.
I will definitely use this website again. No more trawling through local supplier directories which can be a minefield or running around asking friends/family. In fact I have recommended this website to a number of friends and family. I wouldn't go anywhere else now when looking for suitable tradesmen.

Kind regards


Katie H.

Vetted and Recommended Garage, KB Tyres are Going up a gear!


"We went into the Sunderland South  Guide 1 and now have acquired at least 40 brand new clients, we are delighted with the leaflet"

KB Tyres, Houghton Le Spring

Vetted Decorator George Smith says Thank you Checked and Vetted! Grateful customers are keeping me busy.!


I am sending this note to you to say thank you. George has had a regular stream of steady work since we decided to go into the Checked and Vetted Sunderland North leaflet.  I get a lot of calls from retired home owners who like the fact they don’t need to turn on the PC to get a vetted tradesmen they can just call a trade direct or use the local hotline.


I also want to say thank you for all your hard work in creating our mini webpage, you really do offer peace of mind and your clever system really does turn our good reputation into new business.  George and I have been pleasantly surprised.


Personally we think any local tradesmen should seriously consider joining - our annual membership was paid for in the first phone call….



Kind regards Ann Smith (George Smith Decorating Services)

Our First member, happy with his return!


Steve Cheverton of Sunderland Block Paving was our first member and liked the idea so signed up fairly quickly.


He has by JUne 2012 had 11 good leads, in what is a very competitive market....


"The leaflets make all the difference and I have every faith we will all keep getting busier"

Dean Doubles his investment in just over a month


DM property repairs joined Checked and Vetted in January 2012

Dean runs a property repair and locksmith company in the Sunderland area and like many tradesmen, he is not really a fan of advertising.  

Dean decided to try the Checked and Vetted trade membership system and also placed an advert in our Vetted Tradesman guide which is distributed throughout each tradesman's locality.  

Result:- Within the first six weeks Dean is averaging two jobs a week and  has already got his money back twice over - and he has ten and a half months left of his membership to run!  Well done Dean!!


Check out Dean's page here

Checked and Vetted brings Gary more work than he can cope with!


Plaster-Seen joined Checked and Vetted in Dec 2011.  

During one of our regular customer service calls with Gary, he told us that he had paid for the whole Checked and Vetted service with the first job he got from our service.

Also, since going in the Sunderland Vetted Tradesmen Guide he now has more work that he can physically cope with - which is great news.  He has now booked the Gateshead guide which comes out in a couple of weeks. 

We asked him if he would come in and do a video testimonial to let other tradesmen know just how good our service is - he said yes and here it is:- 

See Gary's page at

Recommended Oven Cleaner Eric cleans up!


Eric joined Checked and Vetted in December 2011.

Since that time he has found the whole service very cost effective and also decided to go in to the Sunderland South guide, which also worked very well for him.