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The Benefits of Checked and Vetted Membership

The Benefits of Checked and Vetted Membership

Our Service gives members maximum local exposure through intensive direct marketing, local TV, social media, radio advertising and our other press activities.


All our promotions are designed to reach the maximum number of local people directly.   We deliver over 2 MIllion local directories a year!


Our vetting procedures combined with direct marketing directory drops, give our members the household penetration they need to promote their businesses.


So what else is included in the service?


LEVEL 1 Our Reputation Builder package - 12 month online Membershipn including van stickers, unlimited Freepost Job Report Cards, support with your Socal Media if so required and the support of our team and all new members are now automatically put through Trading Standards, so if they are successful they got two accreditations, CHecked and Vetted AND Trading Standards Approved.


1. Lower cost and more effective than other traditional types of advertising.  Afterall we advertise all year round on ITV1 and deliver over 2 million directories a year!!

2. Your own “Checked and Vetted Mini Web Page” with all of your details, photos and authenticated customer Job Reviews in one place.

3. A password protected area where you can upload your logo, before and after photos, print out reports to attach to your quotes and review your team’s performance.

4. Lots of different ways for your future customers to find you, radio, our leaflet drops, a telephone hotline, printed materials and the website.

5. Print out PDF overviews of your ratings and most recent feedbacks to attach to quotes, with a Freepost  Job Report Card – this will help you win more quotes.

6. You can appear on the “Home Page Spotlight” on a fair rotation.

7. A choice of Van stickers attract leads and create a feeling of trust; the public will feel encouraged to check you out before they call you out.

8. Networking opportunities with other local trades 

9. Unlimited Job Report cards – we pay the postage and printing – these help you win quotes and will create repeat, loyal customers who will recommend you to their friends.  The results of your work will appear online and show how skilled and consistent you are. 

10. Checked and Vetted proves you are proud to be accountable for your work and immediately positions you as reputable in the minds of your prospects.

11.A local team to assist you with the IT side of things, if you’re too busy or simply not IT savvy, then call us and we will help you spruce up your mini webpage.