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Escrow protects you from bad payers

Escrow Protection at Checked and Vetted

What is Escrow? - the Cambridge English Dictionary defines Escrow as follows:

"An agreement between two people or organisations in which money or property is kept by a third person or organisation until a particular condition is met."
e.g. The money was held in Escrow until the job was completed at which time (on your authority) they release the money to the Tradesperson.

Just imagine… You’ve finished the job and the customer tells you that he can't afford to pay you all of what they owe you at the moment. What can you do?

The Law is complicated and expensive and often it's just a loss you have to bear. There are many cases when this has been enough to put companies under. These are the times you wished that you had spent the £2.99 it costs to protect your money with Escrow.

With Escrow you know for certain that if you complete the job, you will be paid. You know because you can see the money is there and when you complete the job, you get paid by the third party holding the money.

Escrow is very low cost protection, starting at just £2.99 per party for up to £10,000 of cover. Escrow will stop all your worries about being paid - you can even do staged payments throughout the job.

Our Escrow partners Transpact, can provide you with this low cost and secure Escrow service.

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