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What being Trading Standards Approved means for your business

Successful businesses are Trading Standards Approved

Trading Standards logo     9 out of 10 householders will choose
    a Trading Standards Approved company!

Picture this, you are up against a Trading Standards Approved tradesman and ten potential customers looking for your service - only he is Trading Standards Approved and you are not.

These potential customers could be people you are quoting or people researching you on a web site - whatever it doesn't matter. Our research showed that 9 out of 10 of them will choose the Trading Standards Approved company over you - just because you are not Trading Standards Approved. This is probably already costing you a lot on money in wasted quotes, time and fuel.

Let's Fix This Now!
It's easy to stop wasting your time and money and be in with a chance of winning 9 out of 10 quotes instead of losing them.

We sponsor all of our members to go through an independent Trading Standards Approval process which will leads to them to achieving 'Trading Standards Approved' status (click here for more about the independent process)

Just give us a call now on 0191 65 111 65 for an informal chat with a membership advisor or click the 'Apply to Join' button below and we'll get the ball rolling.

Anyway, How do we know it's nine out of ten?
Early in 2017 we sent out a survey to over 20,000 households asking what they look for in a Tradesperson and one of the questions was exactly as above. Who would you choose first - Approved or not? Well a massive 89% chose the Trading Standards Approved person.
What does Trading Standards Approved Mean?

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