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Why Join Checked and Vetted

Checked and Vetted is the place where local businesses and householders find Approved Trades and Services.

Did you know that nine out of ten of your future customers will choose a Tradesperson with recent verified reviews over one who is not reviewed.

By Joining Checked and vetted You will be joining an elite group of approved businesses and we will give your business the maximum local exposure with intensive direct marketing, local TV, social media, radio advertising and other press activities.

Each of our promotions is designed to reach the maximum number of local people.   For example we sponsor the local sport feature on ITV Tyne-Tees. This gets seen most week nights by hundreds of thousands of households each time it runs in the middle of the main local news at 6pm....we also constantly promote the service on social media.

These high profile, recurring adverts keep CheckedandVetted in the front of the minds of your future customers, so that when they do need the services you offer, they will find you through Checked and Vetted.  

Of course we run many other 'peak time' TV adverts over the year as well as delivering over 2 Million directly into local households.

So we will give you a huge local household penetration to help make your businesses more efficient and profitable.

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